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William Robinson, SAMS-AMS, NAMS-CMS.   Yacht & Small Craft Surveyor and Consultant.   

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Types of Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey

This is a comprehensive inspection, highly recommended prior to purchasing a vessel. Many insurance companies and lending institutions require a survey.

A pre-purchase survey includes:

  • A structural integrity evaluation
  • An out-of-water inspection
  • A sea trial
  • A thorough assessment of the electrical systems, propulsion system, fuel system, machinery, and navigation
  • Miscellaneous on board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics and overall maintenance

Damage Inspection

A Damage Inspection is used to assess the extent of damage, recommend repairs, and estimate repair cost. If requested, the inspection can be performed to assist in determining the probable cause of damage. 


Insurance companies hire marine surveyors to assess damage for claims, verifying that the damage was caused by the submitted incident report. They may reject a claim in whole or in part, if a claim item is not consistent with the incident. Having an experienced marine surveyor assist you with the claims process can save you money and time.


In many cases “joint surveys” are used whereby, a marine surveyor for the insurance company meets with an owner’s surveyor to accurately assess the damage. 

Warranty Survey

You bought a new boat and the dealer gave you a one-year hull warranty – pretty standard. Also pretty standard are the problems that arise the month after the warranty expires. A warranty survey completed a month or two before your warranty expires will provide you with a list of work the manufacturer will legally need to perform at no cost to you. Often manufacturer flaws won’t show up until it’s too late. A timely vessel survey is prudent and in your interest. 

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Insurance Survey/Condition & Value

A condition and value survey is performed to assure an insurance company the vessel is an acceptable risk
and the structural integrity of the vessel is safe for its intended use.
Most insurance companies require a survey on older boats and will want to know the vessel's Fair Market Value. 

Appraisal Inspection

An Appraisal inspection is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the Fair Market Value of the vessel. It may be used for financing, estate settlements, donations, and legal cases.


Remote Surveys

Not in the area? Found a boat online or are looking to bid on one? Onslow Bay Marine Surveying can help. We do fast inspections to let you know if the boat is worth your time pursuing.

Save travel, time, and expense. We will inspect the vessel for major defects and determine whether it meets advertised claims. We will send you digital photos and discuss the findings over the phone. Should you decide to move forward with a complete survey, we’ll discount your survey cost. 

I am fully qualified to perform Draft Surveys, Cargo Inspections, for Bulk and Break Bulk Cargos, and Bunker Surveys.