Onslow Bay Marine Surveying
William Robinson, SAMS-AMS, NAMS-CMS.   Yacht & Small Craft Surveyor and Consultant.   

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Sample Report & Cost

Sample Report

Here's an actual marine survey we recently completed.

This survey report gave the prospective buyer bargaining power with the findings.

Please note that some information is redacted.

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The cost of a marine survey varies based on the size and type of vessel, the complexity of its on-board systems, the location of the vessel, and the type of survey required. The best way to get an idea of cost is to email us for a free quote.


Older, larger vessels will cost more than a newer smaller ones because we’ll have to spend more time investigating potential issues with the older vessel.

Notice to cancel a scheduled survey must be received three days prior to the survey or the entire survey fee will be due and payable. 

My base minimum for all types of inspections is $150.00.

Engine Diagnostics start at $75.00 per engine.

Please contact us for a FREE quote.