Onslow Bay Marine Surveying
William Robinson, SAMS-AMS, NAMS-CMS.   Yacht & Small Craft Surveyor and Consultant.   

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Our Services

Onslow Bay Marine Surveying can tailor its services based on what you need. Once you retain our services, we work for YOU and only you. We are there to protect your interests.

We conduct every type of survey:

  • Pre-Purchase Survey
  • Insurance Survey
  • Appraisal Inspection
  • Damage Inspection
  • Warranty Survey
  • Outboard Engine Diagnostics.
  • I am also fully qualified to perform Draft Surveys, for Bulk Cargo, Break Bulk, and Bunker Surveys.

In addition, we offer the following services:

Beached rusty vessel

Sea Trials

During a sea trial, systems are checked for proper operation. Things we look for include:

  • Engines start without excessive cranking
  • The color of smoke from the exhaust and exhaust cooling water
  • Excessive vibrations, steering systems, throttle and shifting
  • Oil and coolant leaks
  • Navigation equipment
  • Back down testing to examine condition of engine mounts
  • Engines can reach top speed and RPMs

NOTE:  Onslow Bay Marine Surveying & Consulting surveyors will not operate the vessel during the sea trial. The client is responsible for making sure they have someone to operate the vessel since we will be conducting the tests.

It is highly recommended that a sea trial be conducted before you buy a used vessel. There’s no better way to determine the operational condition and safety of the craft.


New-Build, Overhauls, Repair Consulting

We provide inspection services for new-builds, overhauls, and repairs. Consulting services can include timely inspections of overhaul, refitting, or major systems repair. 

We work with the builder or repair facility to schedule visits and conduct inspections at crucial points in the process. By conducting such incremental inspections we can assist all parties in compliance with the federally mandated rules and other best practice recommendations required by insurance companies. We report back to the client with recommendations to accept work and proceed, or with recommended changes. This helps prevent surprises and subsequent delays during the final project inspection.  


After a substantial investment in computers and software, for a nominal fee, Onslow Bay can now diagnose Yamaha, Suzuki, and ETEC/Evinrude outboard engines if they have an ECM. This will allow us to quickly look at actual engine hours, history of RPM's, engine status, and fault codes. You can now the get engine history, and save time and money!


The cost of a marine survey varies based on the size and type of vessel, the complexity of its on-board systems, the location of the vessel, and the type of survey required. The best way to get an idea of cost is to email us for a free quote.


Older, larger vessels will cost more than a newer smaller ones because we’ll have to spend more time investigating potential issues with the older vessel.

Notice to cancel a scheduled survey must be received three days prior to the survey or the entire survey fee will be due and payable. 

The minimum for all types of inspections is $150.00.

Engine Diagnostics start at $75.00 per engine.

Please contact us for a FREE quote.